Why its important to know your body constitution?

In the beginning when we are born, most of us have the balance body constitution. But as we grow older, the food we eat, the environment we live in and our feelings will change our body constitution over time.

There are eight types of body constitutions (excluding balance type) and it is important to know which type you are because this will help you in the following areas:

Re-balance your body to improve immune system.

Different body constitution will lead to various types of illness and hence, once you know what body constitution you are, you can avoid foods that hurt your body and choose those that can help your body to regain the balance.

A balance body constitution will have much higher resistance against virus and temperature change and thus, you will not fall ill easily.

Speed up recovery during illness.

You will also be able to speed up recovery if you know what is your current body constitution.

For example, people with blood stale body constitution will experience more pains than other people so if you know what food to eat and what to avoid, then you will be able to relief those pains after a while when you change your diet habits.

If you have about 15mins of free time, you can try taking our online test here to find out what is your body constitution.