Yang Deficiency Body Constitution

In order for our body to function and ward off diseases, we need to have a balance Yin and Yang.

Yang deficiency means your body is lacking the Yang component. This normally happens when one is qi deficient for a long time. 

In addition, it is also common for elderly to be yang deficiency as well. 

Diet advices

Click here to find out what are the foods that are suitable for you.

Besides eating the foods listed in above link, you should avoid eating the following foods as they will further reduce Yang in your body:

  • Foods that are cold in thermal nature like watermelon, bitter gourd, cucumber.
  • Icy water or food taken out from the fridge and eat immediately.
  • Raw food.
  • Foods that are hard to digest.

Lifestyle advices

Most people with yang deficiency can withstand heat, summer but often feel very weak when the weather becomes colder. Do remember to keep warn especially in the waist and knee / legs area.  

It is also recommended to listen to inspiration and motivational music to uplift your mood. This will help to inject more yang energy into your body.