Phlegm and Dampness Body Constitution

The purpose of the spleen is to deliver nutrients to our whole body. When the spleen is weaken, some of these nutrients cannot be effectively delivered and it will be accumulated in different areas of our body and form phlegm. In the longer term, these phlegm will become dampness and create pain and illness depending on the location within the body.  

In TCM, it is not recommended to consume food that is oily and sweet (high sugar content) especially for people who have weak spleen, as sugar and oil will slow down the effectiveness of the spleen, making it very hard to transfer the nutrients from food to the required parts in the whole body. While the most important thing is to avoid eating oily and highly process food, the following are some of the suggested food to strengthen spleen and removes dampness in body. 

Diet Advices

Click here to find out what are the foods that are suitable for you.

Besides eating the foods listed in above link, you should avoid eating the following foods:

  • Oily and highly processed food.
  • Cakes or pastries with high sugar content.
  • Deep fried food.

Lifestyle Advices

The best way to remove phlegm and dampness from our body is through exercises. But you need to persist for long term in order to make your spleen function normally again.

Remember, do your best to avoid oily, sweet foods and cold drinks as these are harmful for your spleen.