Yin Deficiency Body Constitution

In order for our body to function and ward off diseases, we need to have a balance Yin and Yang.

Yin deficiency means your body is lacking the Yin component – resulting in inner heat because the lack of good fluids. 

People who regularly sleeps late will tend to be Yin deficient.

Diet advices

Click here to find out what are the foods that are suitable for you.

Besides eating the foods listed in above link, you should avoid eating the following foods as they will further reduce Yin in your body:

  • Beer and spicy foods.
  • Heaty foods like ginger, mutton meat, garlic, longan and cinnamon.  
  • Avoid foods that are deep fried and BBQ.

Lifestyle advices

The best way to replenish the Yin inside our body is to sleep early and avoid feeling anxious. 

Do your best to slow down and practice mindfulness. Meditation is also a good way to make your body balance again by replenishing Yin.