Balanced Body Constitution

Understanding Balanced Body Constitution

Out of all the nine body constitutions, the balanced body constitution is the healthiest body type.

Balanced means that the Yin and Yang in our body are in a balanced state. When Yin and Yang are balanced, the body will perform at its optimal state, physically and mentally. The person is energetic and seldom falls sick.

The person will also have a normal weight (neither underweight nor overweight).

It is estimated that a third of our population has this balanced body constitution, while the other two-thirds fall under the other eight body constitutions (for the full list of body constitutions, check out ‘Body Types’ in the top menu).

Point to note is that the older you get, the higher the chances that your body will become out of balance.

The following are some advice to help you stay in the balanced body constitution for as long as possible.

Regarding Food Consumption

Limit the intake of ice or cold drinks because these drinks will reduce the Yang energy in your spleen and kidneys.

It is also best to reduce the consumption of raw foods as such foods will require more Qi (from your body) to digest them.

Perhaps the most important advice is to eat a wide variety of foods and fruits and don’t just stick to your favorites! This will ensure that you are getting as much nutrients as possible from varied sources.

Lifestyle Guidelines

It is important to be socially engaged. Do your best to attend gatherings or events at least once a month (minimal) to keep your social circle active. Being around positive people can also help to uplift your mood and spirits!

Aside from being socially active, do your best to be physically active by exercising regularly. Exercises like brisk walking (for older adults), jogging, swimming and hiking can help to build up your body’s immunity.

Finally, remember to do the TCM body constitution test once every year to keep your body and mind in check!