About Me

Hello! My name is KC and I live on the small island – Singapore!

I always have had a strong interest in natural healing instead of using drugs and synthetic solutions. 

My studies at Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and YangZhou University (China) have inspired me to create this website to help you figure out your current body constitution so you have a better idea of what food to consume and avoid!

Everything we eat affects our body to some degree. If you have a good understanding of what your body lacks and what food will help your body to heal, then I believe this knowledge will be more useful than visiting the doctor when the symptoms surfaces. 

How to use this site?

There are two ways how you can use this site:

  1. Take the TCM body constitution test to find out what food you should avoid or eat more.
  2. Use the search box below (or click on the search magnifying glass on the top right of every page) and enter any food (carrot, chicken meat, wheat etc) that you want to check its properties and benefits according to TCM perspective.


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I do my best to ensure the information on this website is accurate and please give me any feedback along the way!

I wish you the best in health and energy!