TCM Food Therapy KC TanHello! My name is KC and I live on the sunny island of Singapore!

I’ve always had a strong interest in natural healing, and prefer this approach over using drugs and synthetic solutions.

After my study at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yangzhou University (China), I got inspired to create this website for one fundamental purpose – to empower you to identify your present (TCM) body constitution.

Once you know your body constitution, you can then make more informed choices about what foods to consume and avoid for a healthier you!

Everything we eat affects our body to a certain degree.

If you have a good understanding of what your body lacks and what foods can help your body to heal, I believe this knowledge will be far more useful than visiting the doctor only after symptoms surface!

How To Use This Site?

There are two ways that you can make full use of this site:

  1. Take the TCM body constitution test here to find out what your current body constitution is (together with recommendations on the foods you should avoid or eat more of).
  2. Learn about the properties and benefits of different types of food from the TCM perspective. You can enter any food (e.g. carrot, chicken meat, wheat, etc.) directly in the search box below (or click on the search magnifying glass on the top right of every page) to get started.

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I do my best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate. Please give me any feedback that you have along the way!

Have fun exploring and I wish you the best in health and energy!