Also Known As: Daikon

Chinese Name: 萝卜

Thermal Nature: Cooling (when it’s raw), neutral (when it’s thoroughly cooked)

Flavor: Sweet, pungent

Organ Meridian: Spleen, stomach, lung, large intestine

Properties: Aids digestion, dissolves phlegm, stops bleeding, promotes urination

Best Use For: Relieving indigestion, overeating, constipation, cough with phlegm 

Serving Per Day For One Person: 30 to 100g

Dietary Caution: People with weak spleen and stomach (loose stools) should avoid consuming raw radish

Special Note: There are myths claiming that radish clashes with all chinese medicine, but this is not true. Radish is not compatible only with chinese herbs that have energy-boosting effects such as ginseng.

Suitable For: Balanced body constitution, Phlegm and dampness body constitution