Qi stale body constitution

Qi stale condition has a lot to do with the person’s mood. Most people with this body constitution tend to be easily anxious or having depressed or negative thoughts from time to time.

Qi flow is important in order to become a healthy person. If Qi can’t flow freely throughout the body, it can create phlegm in various parts of the body and eventually resulting in blood stale and pain too. 

Diet advices

Click here to find out what are the foods that are suitable for you.

Besides eating the foods listed in above link, you should avoid eating the following foods:

  • Raw and cold drinks / foods.

Lifestyle advices

The most important thing is to cultivate a positive and uplifting mood in your  lifestyle. 

Do your best to listen to uplifting music and watch comedy shows often.

Make friends who are positive rather than people who are often complain or say negative things.