Japonica Rice

japonica rice

Suitable for all types of body constitution.

Name: Japonica rice.

Chinese name: 大米, 粳米.

Thermal nature: Neutral.

Flavor: Sweet.

Organ meridian: Spleen, stomach & lung.

Properties: Strengthen spleen, promotes energy, calm stomach and stops diarrhea. 

Best for: Use to treat weak energy (Qi) in spleen and stomach. Good for people feeling tired easily. Also recommended for people who feels irritated and thirsty easily.  

Serving for one person: 50 to 200g.

Dietary caution: Most of the grain’s nutrition is in the grain’s coating. Always make sure to consume a mixed of whole grains and white rice. Consuming only white rice will not get your body the essential nutrition from grains. 

Special note: Japonica rice is different from Thai rice. Instead of longer and thinner, Japonica rice is fatter and shorter. According to traditional chinese medicine, Japonica rice is a better choice for spleen and stomach.