Glutinous Rice

glutinous rice

Suitable for the following types of body constitution:

Name: Glutinous rice.

Chinese name: 糯米.

Thermal nature: Warm.

Flavor: Sweet.

Organ meridian: Spleen, stomach & lung.

Properties: Strengthen energy / spleen, stops diarrhea, relief excessive sweating, detox. 

Best for: Use to treat loose stools due to coolness in spleen and stomach. Also effective against excessive passing of urine, diarrhea.  

Serving for one person: 30 to 60g.

Dietary caution: Not suitable for people who have dampness, heat and phlegm in their bodies. Also not suitable for people who are having fever, coughing with yellow phlegm or bloated stomach. As it is hard to digest, elderly and young children should consume in much lesser quantity.