Chinese barley

chinese barley

Suitable for the following types of body constitution:

Name: Chinese barley.

Chinese name: 薏米, 薏苡仁.

Thermal nature: Cold (slight).

Flavor: Sweet.

Organ meridian: Spleen, stomach & lung.

Properties: Strengthen spleen, removes redundant fluids in spleen. Cools body and expel pus.

Best for: Use to treat swollen legs and feet due to water retention. It has weight loss properties and also strong cooling effects. Due to its properties in expelling pus, it is also recommended for relieving ulcer in lungs and intestines.

Serving for one person: 10 to 30g.

Dietary caution: In order to see the benefits of chinese barley, one must consume it in long term. Pregnant women must avoid taking chinese barley.

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