Suitable for following types of body constitution:

Name: Persimmon.

Chinese name: 柿子.

Thermal nature: Cooling.

Flavor: Sweet.

Organ meridian: Heart, lung, large intestine.

Properties: Cools the body and moisturize the lungs. Quench thirst.

Best for: Use for treating coughing (heat-type or coughed blood).

Serving for one person: 100 to 200g.

Dietary caution: People with weak spleen and stomach should avoid eating persimmon.

Special note: Persimmon can also be processed to be a dried fruit (picture below).

dried persimmon

Dried persimmon is warm (instead of cooling) in thermal nature. The main difference with fresh persimmon is that these dried ones has spleen strengthening properties and also helps to stops bleeding (internal & external).